Brief : Poster and Email Bulletin

I was asked to produce a design for a poster and email bulletin to be sent out to schools that have Under 15s Cricket teams to entice the teachers to get their Cricket Teams to take part in a championship between other schools in Desert Springs Resort in Spain.

Poster and Email Bulletin design process

The design of the poster and email bulletin were following earlier Over 50s and Over 60s Cricket Tournaments I had previously produced for the client. The main image of the cricketer was that of the age the competition was aimed at.

The poster needed to be reworked to work as an Email Bulletin to be sent out directly to the chosen schools including lots of links to their website to view the facilities the children and teachers would enjoy whilst the competition was held.

The typography was simples as was with the other cricket posters to gain maximum effect.

Click here to download the poster

Click here to view  the email bulletin live